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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 7, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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105 santa cruz. no response. a ceremonial end of watch dispatch ends the memorial of officer baker and butler.
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good evening. >> as ktvu's rob roth tells us this afternoon's show of support was both overwhelming and heartbreaking. >> reporter: the hp pavilion seemed like the saddest place on earth today. the families of the slain police officers as well as dozens of police officers remembered and said goodbye to detective elizabeth butler and detective butch long baker. >> remembering who they were will help us get through this together. >> reporter: who they were were parents as well as police officers. sergeant butch long had two children. >> you are the very reason i have good in my life.
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>> reporter: and detective baker had a husband and two children, including joaquin. >> joaquin, you want to say hi. >> hi. >> i whispered to her that i would take care of our boys and make sure they would always know what a great person their mom was. >> reporter: butler and baker were shot to death nine days ago as they attempted to interview jeremy gulei. leon panetta said people often look away instead of helping those prone to violence. >> they drew the line. they were doing their job. and they paid the ultimate price. >> it takes a very special kind of person to get up every day
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put on a badge and take on all the problems of a troubled world. >> reporter: baker served 28 years in the santa cruz police department. coworkers described his tenacity as a detective who made everybody laugh with his practical jokes. >> putting up a coworkers house for sale while they were on vacation. and everybody who knew butch knows that they've been "butched" at least once don't you. >> reporter: butler served 10 years he was known as a tenacious the advocate for victims and those down on their luck. >> she was a breath of fresh air. >> daddy, i love you more than you will ever know. >> we will miss you so much. goodbye my love.
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>> reporter: rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. outside of hp pavilion a huge american flag was hoisted on the extended ladders of two fire trucks and one of those trucks is from santa cruz and was actually hit by four bullets during the shoot out last tuesday when officers killed the gunman jeremy gulet. at the family's request, former american idol contestant james durbin performed at today's memorial. durbin says he remembers detective butch baker as a surveillance officer at dances when he was growing up. >> reporter: people crowded the main street over pass in los
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gatos this morning to greet this impressive succession. thousands of people hushed and subdued. >> the way i see honoring the lives of those lost is to be here in person. >> reporter: p.j.hales put up ribbon. >> i was an -- i was married to an officer in san jose for 28 years and i felt i had to do something. >> reporter: scott fey brought an american flag. >> heavy day today. >> reporter: on duty officers who couldn't go to the memorial said they appreciate this. >> the support we get in this town is incredible and the support for these officers who gave their lives for these
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people, yeah it chokes me up. >> reporter: the somber procession caused some to reflect on societal violence. >> when i see something happen like this i mean it's just, it's unbelievable. it just brings tears to your eye, what's happened to our community. >> reporter: several people said this refocused their respect for those in service. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. many people who didn't make the trip to san jose watched the service from the kaiser arena in santa cruz. the people sat there quietly wiping away tears listening to the eulogies of the two officers. many said they felt the need to be with others and share the loss together as a community. >> just to reach out, they're real people, with real families. >> you want to reach out to their families and comfort them. >> i think we take for granted the services they provide sometimes.
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>> reporter: there was also a basket, pens and note cards so people could leave condolences for their family. >> on ktvu we put up information for funds that have been set up for their families. ktvu's matt keller is live in the 700 block of ironwood driver i n -- drive in san jose and he tell us there's parts of this investigation that so far don't add up. >> reporter: the time line in this case has been complicated we've been following it for a week since police told us about the missing man. today it became a homicide investigation. stanley jacobson has been missing for a week.
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he was known as the magician for doing tricks. >> he would go like this and he would be out of them. just that quickly. we would be like, come on now, let's see that again. >> reporter: this morning they found him stabbed to death inside his apartment. >> it's something we're going to have piece back together because the person is suffering from the early stages of dementia. >> reporter: friends and family all went into jacobson's apartment after he went missing but never found him. police say he was killed inside his apartment but don't know how long the body had been there. officers arrested regina butler. >> she would always walk in front of him or way behind they would never walk together. he would open the door for her and she would come in. >> there's speculation she may
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have been involved in prostitution, there was speculation that she may have been trying to exploit him financially. north korea stepped up its rhetoric threatening. >> the message came through korean television. the obama administration responded by saying the u.s. is fully capable of defending itself. >> i don't think the regime wants to commit suicide but that as they must surely know that would be the result of any attack on the united states. >> reporter: the united nations security council approved the new sanctions today with the backing of north korea's main
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ally china. yang responded by ending a nonaggression pack with south korea. the dow jones pushed higher today accomplishing a new record for a third consecutive day. the dow ended up 33 points, there's growing optimism about hiring. and stock in oakland's pandora media saw shares jump 19% in afterhours trading. pandora's ceo made an announce. joe kennedy said he is stepping down when a replacement is found. i'll be tracking rain over the next 24 hours. in 90 seconds, homeless at a south bay encampment have
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♪ and it's adios weeds for up to four sweet months ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control [ male announcer ] roundup extended control ♪ yeha with the new one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] time is running out for occupants of a large homeless encampment in san jose. the 120 people now living there have been told to move by morning or be forced out. ktvu's patti lee is at that encampment near downtown san jose with the problem facing many people there, patti.
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>> reporter: according to this eviction notice, the items here have to be cleared out or the people in the at -- in the tents will face prosecution. though there's dozens of families who have not packed a thing. >> reporter: isabel romero brings food to an old friend, larry silva who has been living in this tent. >> he's almost like a child. now they're evicting him. a homeless being evicted isn't that ridiculous. >> reporter: silva has not yet packed even though he may be forced to leave the area at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> i don't know for sure. i don't know. >> reporter: emotions ran high at the camp tonight. this homeless woman was packing when she confronted a bicyclists whom she believed was stealing from her. it's one of the reasons there will be security on hand when
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the clean upstarts. >> there's serious public and health risks. >> right now obviously we're focused up here on the spring heading site. >> reporter: the proximity of the site to city streets and the highway was also worrisome. >> we're concerned that people exposeed in that area can be victimized. >> reporter: over the past few days 20 of the most as vulnerable residents have been relocated but resources are scarce and many people here including larry silva have refused help. >> i want to try to find him a place. he needs a place to go. >> reporter: others will likely stay in the area or try to return. but branson says that's still a better outcome. there are 5,000 homeless people in the city of san jose, 1,000 of them in homeless encampments like this one.
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reporting live in san jose, patti lee, ktvu news. authorities seized more than 60 pounds of marijuana today at oakland interairport. the sheriff's department gave us these photos. sheriff deputies say the 21- year-old owner of the bag had a ticket for charleston south carolina. he has now been arrested for possession of marijuana for sale. the teachers declared an impasse today. they have been working without a contract. the union says the teachers are trying to negotiate class sizes and salaries. the state's public board will now decide whether to assign a mediator or assign both sides back to bargaining. students staged a mock funeral today. students home the unconventional protest will
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draw attention to what they say is the death of campus workers rights. health care workers, janitors and food service employees are negotiating a new contract with the uc system. the university is proposing to cut retirement benefits for new hires and increase the amount workers will pay into their pensions. pink slips are being handed out this week at the golden gate bridge as the bridge district prepares to make toll collection fully automated. as tom vacar tell us, some of the long time toll takers on the bridge say it feels like the district doesn't care for them. >> reporter: reed 26 years at the district knew it was coming. >> we're all upset. some of us have our moments when you see somebody crying or really upset. >> reporter: but when the lay off notice finally came in the mail yesterday. the disaappointment to this army veteran was no doubt painful. >> it's very hard to read the letter. it's almost like they don't
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care. >> reporter: 90 toll takers are long time employees, the others part timers. >> i don't know the details of the package. i know in the past we've been offering a soft landing making it as easy as we can. >> we are the ambassadors of the bridge. we are the ones that greet people coming into the city of san francisco. >> reporter: but the district said it had to act. >> it's about 86-cents per manual transaction. and it's under 30-cents for f asttrack trance action. >> reporter: 75 years of the human touch will be gone. >> i'm going to miss you all. i love you all and it's going to be hard not seeing you guys every day. >> i'm going to miss my regular customers. all the dogs that come through. i think i'm going to miss them the most. the little kids that wave and
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shout at us every morning. >> reporter: automatic toll taking is coming soon, march 27th soon. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the bay area toll authority is dropping its plan to charge people to walk across the new bay bridge on labor day. the $5.6 million budget for the opening party for the new bridge upset a lot of people who said the celebration should be privately funded. the toll authority considered a $5 fee to offset the cost but dropped that proposal today preferring to keep the walk affordable for everyone. caltrans is allowing just 120,000 people to take part in the walk to avoid putting too much weight on the new bridge. so if you're in the north bay and parts of the east bay you're saying what's the big deal. but if you're in san jose, santa cruz the rain has been coming down. san jose you got over .2 of an inch of rain. most areas around the area, .5
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at best. most of the precipitation continues to hang out in areas south of redwood city. so by the san rafael -- or san mateo bridge you have light rainfall. maybe even moderate rainfall. some of the totals, it's not going to help the rain gauge. certainly not in the central bay. so the showers continue to fall in the south bay when i come back how much longer they're going to last. the weekend is just around the corner. state lottery officials say someone bought a $33 million lottery ticket at a walnut creek gas station, the lottery ticket was sold at the shell gas station. the station gets $167,000 for selling that winning ticket. here's a look at those winning
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super lotto plus numbers, one, two, three, 22, 34 and the mega number eight. this was last night's drawing. a dramatic new account has been released about that deadly attack in fresno. how the ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. it's a first in san francisco, perhaps the first in the nation. a bicyclist is being charged with vehicle manslaughter. deborah villalon has the story.
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>> reporter: that's the bike lane the bicyclists was in. >> reporter: bucari bolted into the hall after he learned he would be charged with vehicular manslaughter. >> i think that when you look at the totality of this case you're looking at someone who doesn't care at anybody other than himself. >> reporter: surveillance shows that bucari ran red lights and after being arrested he was nonchalant about it. >> beating his own record on that course. he was bragging about it. he committed multiple violations. >> reporter: tonight we sent a camera down the same hill bucari traveled. prosecutors say he was going faster than our bikists was more than 30 miles per hour when he ran the red light as
11:54 pm
pedestrians crossed. his defense argued it was a yellow light and they stepped into his path. >> i do believe that he should have stopped. >> reporter: cyclists we talked to during tonight's rain commute say that bicycles, pedestrians and vehicles all vie for the same road. >> reporter: both follow the bucari case and the possibility of prison time. >> i think if they're going to be on the street they need to follow the rules just like we do. >> i look forward to continuing with this case and getting justice for the family. and also getting justice for our community. >> reporter: the judge is suggesting the two sides try to work out a plea bargain between now and trial. conviction brings a sentence between two and six years. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu news. osama bin laden's son-in- law is now on u.s. soil and scheduled to appear in federal court tomorrow.
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he was a spoking man for al- qaida and claimed responsibility for the september 11th attack. officials say he was arrested in jordan and secretly taken to new york. some republicans say he should have been brought to guantanamo bay for investigation. the u.s. senate today confirmed john brennan as the next director of the central intelligence agency. 13 republicans joined with democrats and one independent to confirm brennan by a vote of 63-24 but not before the white house made several contentions. the latest was the pledge to not kill drones to kill american terrorists suspects on american soil. a police pursuit leaves a trail of damage in its wake. where the vehicle being pursued finally ended up. >> she was doing what she loved and she did it with
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there are new details tonight about the deadly lion attack that claimed the life of a 20-year-old intern at a private animal reserve. the intern at the animal sanctuary did not enter the lions cage as initially reported but instead the lion managed to get out of its cage and ran at her. the fresno corner said the lion used its paw to lift a partially locked door. the lion then escaped its small cage and attacked diana hanson while cleaning out a smaller enclosure while on the phone
11:59 pm
with a coworker. the president of the reserve spoke out today. the autopsy shows the numerous bites and scratches she suffered were inflicted after she died. sheriff deputies had to shoot and kill that lion when it refused to leave the victim's body. today ktvu's ken pritchett went to another animal sanctuary and found out there were some big differences in the way these facilities operate. >> reporter: the road beyond this old rusted gate adorned with elephants leads to what feels like another world. but we're in calav era s county where the great animals roam. >> we take animals that actually need a home. >> reporter: ed stewart is director of paws the performing animal welfare society which owns the 2,300 acres that make
12:00 am
the arch 2000 sanctuary. in addition to rumbling elephants as you walk this sanctuary you can hear the roar of african lions. >> our first rule of safety here is never enter a cage with an animal in it. i mean that's just basic. >> reporter: for stewart, questions remain about the incident at cat haven located east of fresno. the coroners office today said diana anson -- hanson was cleaning a cage when a lion escaped a connecting cage and killed the intern. >> a real sanctuary doesn't breed and really is in the business to put themselves out of business. >> >> reporter: this is a sanctuary not an attraction so there are no daily tours.
12:01 am
one thing that sets this place apart is that access to the public is very limited. stewart says a sanctuary is for the animals not the people. and that safety steps not only protect the staff but the animals as well. in calav era s county, ken pritchett. police in capitola say they think they know why two brazen robbers picked today to rob a bank. >> i think it's a little bit more than just a coincidence they picked today. >> it's very difficult to put into words what it really feels like. it's very disrespectful. >> the two robbers got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. police say a man in his 30s
12:02 am
was shot in the torso while she was inside a car at bryant and main. the driver kept going until he got to market and davis where he flagged down help. all of this happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital and is he expected to survive. police say they are still looking for the shooter who took off running. at the same time that was happening a stolen rental box truck drove into three cars as the driver led police on a child chase throughout the city. the truck kept going even after it ran over some spike strips put down by police. even with those blown tires we're told that the truck hit speeds of 60 miles per hour and went the wrong way down a one way street. >> this ryder rental struck was driving on the wrong side of the street and plowed into my car and hit the car in front of
12:03 am
me as well and kept on driving very fast. >> reporter: police later found the truck abandoned. there were injuries. police never did locate the driver. federal investigators released new documents about january's battery fire on board a boeing 787 dream liner. the smoke was so thick they could not see the battery. at the time the plane was parked at boston's logan airport after an overseas flight. all three dream liners were grounded. boeing is still building 787 but deliveries are halted. the company has not said how much money it will lose because of the battery issues. president obama today signed an extension of the violence against women act. the measure strengthens the criminal justice system's response to domestic violence and sexual assault. some credit it with 63% drop of crimes against women over the
12:04 am
last decade. this new extension also expands domestic violence provisions to include same-sex couples. former president bill clinton spoke out against the defense of marriage act which was a measure he signed into law. he said he signed the law to prevent other restrictions. picking the next pontiff. today's arrival at the vatican that enable it is -- the catholic church to move forward and pick the next p
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7,000 high-school students drop out every school day. let's catch them before it's too late.
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to start helping students in your community, visit the world's most popular social networking site unveiled a new look today. the redesign of facebook's news feed faces a greater emphasis on photos and video will less text. the site also includes news feeds one for friends, one for photos and one for the brands you follow. mark zuckerberg introduced the new look. >> because news feed supports such a great brand of context type as a way we all share. >> the redesign also offers
12:08 am
more space for advertisers. the company stock was up 4% today closing at $28.58 a share. the state senate approved a measure advocating $27,000 to get guns out of people's hands who aren't supposed to own them. mark lenno wrote the bill. that list includes convicted tphroápbs, -- felons, the mentally unstable. another bill introduced by leno would require both the san francisco and san mateo board of supervisors to attend gun shows at the cal palace before they take place. three gun shows are scheduled there in the next six months. leno plans to hold a news conference at the cal palace tomorrow. similar measures in recent years have failed. in news of the world
12:09 am
tonight, in venezuela people waited in long lines to view the casket of hugo chavez. officials also announced the body will be preserved and displayed at a glass tomb at the military museum. more than 30 heads of state are expected. the u.s. will be represented by two congressmen one a democrat, and one a republican. at the vatican the final cardinal needed to take part in the election of a new pope arrived today from vietnam. the 115 so called princes of the church can now begin their conclave. once they begin the cardinals can retire and take one vote in the morning and one at night until a pope is chosen.
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pakistani teenager yusefi refuses to -- malala taped a message for international women's day tomorrow. it is that time of year again. daylight savings time this comes sunday at 2:00 a.m. remember to turn your clocks forward one hour. remember spring forward. this all means we lose an hour of sleep. police say there's a new crime trend in one bay area neighborhood. all it takes is a click of a button. the common practice that could leave you vulnerable. >> the online movement mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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new at 10:00, a heads up from san francisco police, they
12:13 am
tell us they're putting plain clothed officers to catch thieves that are breaking into homes. amber lee is live to tell us what police say is an old trick of vandals. >> reporter: thieves are breaking into cars and stealing garage openings to break into homes. >> i should put it under the seat. >> reporter: but police say the garage door opener should not be left any where in your vehicle if it's parked outside. in the last few weeks there's been several burglaries. >> a couple of them in the driveway and others right in front they just push the button
12:14 am
and see which garage door opens. >> reporter: so far the thieves have stolen bicycles and other items in garages but the thieves have not gone further into their homes. many people use garage for storage and leave their cars outside. the break-ins are unsettling to neighbors. >> yeah it's weary, but i guess it could happen any where. >> reporter: police are leaving these safety tips on windshields they say leaving your garage door opening in your car is like handing your housekeys to a thief. san francisco police are looking for a man accused of stealing a bag from the hall of justice. they say this man was caught on
12:15 am
surveillance cameras yesterday taking a woman's baby bag after it was accidentally left at a security checkpoint. police tell us the bag belongs to the foster mother of a baby boy who was allegedly abandoned after his mother gave birth to him on the sidewalk. the birth mother pleaded not guilty to a felony count of willful cruelty. she was said to be on cocaine and had that in her system when she delivered her baby. 46-year-old james troy wilson reached a deal with prosecutors. wilson found foreclosed homes then changed the locks. posted them on craigs list and rented them out without the owners knowing about it -- craigslist. musicians with the san francisco symphony orchestra served notice saying they may strike if contract negotiations remain stalled.
12:16 am
>> reporter: the musicians union voted unanimously in favor of a job action and union officials say the deadline to get a deal done is next week before the symphony goes on a tour of the east coast. the union says management is giving itself raises while musicians are being subject to a wage freeze and benefit reduction. showers showing up still in the south bay for rest of us for most of the bay area pretty dry today. light showers, .1, .2. but in the san jose area .2 of an inch in some places even more than that coming up on .3 in parts of the area out by evergreen in south san jose. milpitas, you have light showers that have been stuck down there all day or all afternoon. san jose light showers right now. then you come north up toward the livermore valley and you get a few sprinkles. just enough to glaze the roadway. rough totals as of the last
12:17 am
hour but you're going to see the rain in the north bay nothing in santa rosa, .01 in napa, .1 of an inch in oakland. so we're going to expect these showers to die down here the next few hours as that low pressure moves off. when it does it takes everything with it. high pressure comes back for your friday. temperatures start to come up. we're going to see numbers on the weekend into the low 70s. on some of the warmest spots like in the inland bay valley. sunday afternoon even monday we're going the see low 70s. nice looking weather forecast. the computer model 1:00 a.m. tonight keep it is shower activity. the low is going this way. it's all kind of this area is gradually going to come up this way. it's an unusual pattern we don't see patterns like this so
12:18 am
often. livermore at 1:00 a.m. it pushes down the coast. tomorrow is like a pretty nice day. temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be warm. we'll see lots of upper 50s and low 60s. as opposed to the low 60s we saw yesterday. and 58 in morgan hill. coming up then it really warms up as you get into friday, saturday and sunday with numbers into the upper 60s and low 70s. really nice weather. got a little bit of rain in san jose. kind of nuisance showers for most of the bay area. san jose you're getting numbers in the buckets tonight, that's good. but the weekend back in the 70s. outstanding weather for march. >> good timing weather for the weekend. subaru announced a recall.
12:19 am
the problem is with the key used for self-starting. the problem is in some cases the auto can start it. the auto maker says it will restart the key fobs free of charge. two women bloggers have started a petition asking kraft to remove the die out of their macaroni and cheese. he is known as the ghost. coming up
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the wait in line was worth it for dozens of giant fans all hoping to get a look at the world series trophy. the event was free but fans were welcomed to make a donation to the san jose union
12:23 am
athletic association and junior giants. >> no shortage of people wanting to see those trophies. mark is here now, march madness. >> it's just about upon us. it is march after all. basketball bethlehem just about here. the wcc tournament is on its way. which means which team gets the right to get eaten alive by gonzaga. layola takes the lead. cole dickerson on the put back. he had 22 points 18 rebounds tied it up. they go to overtime and anthony ireland of lmu will atone for that earlier jumper. layolla now faces santa clara. many a fighter has waited an entire career for a shot at a title and it never comes.
12:24 am
gilroy's robert guerrero will have no such hard luck story to tell. the ghost will get his shot at the welter weight title against none other than lloyd mayweather. odd makers don't give him a ghost of a chance. that doesn't bother the challenger at all. >> he talks about his talent and how he can change things in the ring, how he can adapt to any style. how there's no blueprint to beat him. there's a blueprint to beat everybody. with my style i can aat that particular time to anything just as well as -- i can adapt to anything just as well as he can. it's a whole different story when you're in the ring with me. >> we'll see in may. you remember him as the man who was nearly untouchable for the giants this past season.
12:25 am
sergio romo finding out how quickly that goes away. the closer is victimized in the left field. russo headed. edward gonzalez misplays it. it turns out to be a game winner italy 6-5 victors over mexico. it is double elimination. down in arizona, sweetness. cotton candy the , the vendor get out of the way. and that is the sporting life for a thursday night. like i said the camera man. >> lemonade. like your grandma made. >> that's what i meant. thanks mark. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> we're going off late tonight because of tonight's extended
12:26 am
presentation of american idol and glee. how i met your mother is next. and we're ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card.
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